How to process payday loan application

If you take another loan, you can apply for it quickly via SMS. With a thirty-day loan for drawing 3 000 crowns 3 720 USD. If you recommend the company to your friends, you can get interesting discounts even with a repeated loan.

Quick loan up to 15 minutes on account


Another non-bank loan that we can really recommend from our own experience is a personal loan. What does this company offer?

As you can see, a personal loan has plenty to offer, both new and existing clients. Regular events and competitions organized by the company are very interesting for frequent clients. Together with the loan, you can often get wellness to stay for two or mobile phones. The APR at this 28-day maturity is around 3,500%, but you can get your first loan for free and loyalty clients can rely on a loyalty program with which they can pay significantly less.

Short-term loan up to 45 thousand

Short-term loan up to 45 thousand

The personal loan works like a classic micro-loan, but you can borrow up to 45,000 for 365 days. In addition, this company also offers a loan of 1,000 crowns, which you can repay either in 7 days or within one month in a single installment, or spread the repayment up to three months. That’s why personal loans among our favorites in a number of payday loans. You do not have to worry that as soon as you receive your payout, you pay most in installments and you can take a new loan straight away. Because of such cases, personal loan offers the possibility to spread the repayment individually based on your needs.

And what does a personal loan offer?

  • APR between 157% and 508%
  • possibility of repayment of up to 12 months, based on the loan amount,
  • micro-loan with installments spread over several months,
  • loan within 15 minutes,
  • you do not need a guarantee or a guarantor,
  • possibility of early repayment.

Unlike previous companies in our ranking, a personal loan does not offer a first free loan, but you can take a significantly higher amount with the option of individual repayment, making it a unique option among micro-loans that you should definitely not overlook when choosing a non-bank loan.

The first free loan for anything

Like a personal loan, a credit loan offers a longer repayment of your loan. In this case, you can take out a loan in the range of one to nineteen thousand crowns with the option to divide the repayment into three months. Because you can only borrow a lower amount here, credit loans currently offering you the opportunity to draw your first free loan, which means you don’t spend a crown on fees and interest. However, this applies only in the case of a one-time maturity of up to 30 days and up to a maximum drawn amount of USD 7,000. 

In addition, a credit loan also offers a very clear application, which you fill in a few minutes. As with most microloans, you don’t have to worry too much about the administration. Just take a picture of your ID and receipt to upload it to the site. Then you just wait for the application to be approved and for your money, which you can use for anything.

Money immediately to your account and first loan for free

Cash loan with the possibility of collecting money, A very popular loan in the Czech Republic, which you certainly know from television commercials. The biggest advantage of personal loans is the first free loan and the possibility of using up to USD 16,000, which is the amount that most micro-loans with lower APR will not offer. In addition, like competitors, it offers almost instant processing of your application and money transfer immediately. 

  • first free loan,
  • maximum 30-day maturity,
  • lower APR even with a repeated loan,
  • possibility to draw up to USD16,000 after the second loan,
  • financial product of the year 2018 in the category of micro-loans,
  • approving loans over the weekend.

The rich offer of short-term loans online is great news for the market


Although the offer of micro-loans has declined sharply last year due to the necessity to hold a license to lend, the choice on the pre-payday loan market is still very rich. Today, however, it is not enough for clients to offer a loan without registers to gather enough people to support the company. Therefore, non-banking companies are competing in offering bonuses and discounts, which is, of course, the best option for clients. Hopefully, this trend will continue, as it will be won by mainly honest clients who use non – bank loans as a solution to unexpected situations.


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