This year, credit specialists must pass a professional exam. Free training and free application make training easier

One of the significant changes brought by Act No. 257/2016 Coll., On Consumer Credit, is the requirement to prove the expertise of all credit specialists. Thus, they have to pass the proficiency test within two years of the Act. As of November 30, 2018, it is essential that all credit advisors are trained and have the necessary certificate of passing the exam.

Free training also for consultants from competing networks

The largest mortgage specialist on the Czech market, Well Poor Financing, organizes professional preparatory training as a preparation for proficiency tests for the professional public for free. “Because we emphasize the quality of our brokers’ knowledge, we have an overview of which topics are most difficult for candidates. The four-hour training is therefore focused on issues that are often misled, ” said Anna Marie Layham , Chairman of the Board of Directors of Well Poor Financing. Registration for specific training dates can be done directly from the company website.

Free proficiency testing app

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In addition to theoretical training, it is also possible to use a supplementary application for quality preparation of brokers for proficiency tests. It works in MS Excel and is perfectly suited for practical study of exam questions. The advantage is the immediate result of the response without waiting for the evaluation of the whole test. Also, the program does not repeatedly submit questions that you answered correctly. On the contrary, after a wrong answer, the program will repeat the question after some time, forcing you to make sure that you can handle it.

“The application was originally designed for our brokers as part of the above-standard support we provide them. It is now available to all brokers free of charge on our website. The questions can then be exported to PDF and saved, for example, on a mobile phone, allowing the exams to be prepared anywhere and anytime, ” adds Anna Marie Layham.

About Well Poor Financing

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Well Poor Financing is a specialized brokerage company operating on the market for 15 years. Its main business is consulting in the field of mortgage loans and complete processing of credit and insurance products. Professional brokers provide their clients with mortgages, building savings loans and insurance free of charge.

At present, the franchise network Well Poor Financing 100 has functional points of sale, which ensures easy accessibility and service of clients throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2011, Well Poor Financing became the largest mortgage broker in the Czech Republic. 


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